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We try to maintain a harmonious coexistence with nature, give sufficient consideration to the preservation of the global environment as a good corporate citizen and contribute to the development of a richer society.

We endeavor to maintain harmony between our business activities and the environment and work on the preservation of the global environment as a good corporate citizen.
We endeavor to make everybody who works for Hanshin Teion aware of our environmental policies and to educate them.
We endeavor to be mindful of the finiteness of resources and energy and utilize them effectively.

What we do.

In Hanshin Teion, each individual endeavors to improve awareness and work on what we can each do to help.

Thorough recycling
We make double sided copies and use the back of copy paper.

Reduction of power consumption
We turn off lighting, air conditioners and PCs during break times, etc. when the office becomes vacant. Moreover, in order to reduce greenhouse gases, we employ [COOL BIZ] and control room temperature at an appropriate level around 28?C when air conditioners are used.

Reduction of stationery
We try to reduce the amount of paper and stationery used in the works and offices.

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