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~ Delivery of happiness ~

Since its establishment in 1950, Hanshin Teion Co., Ltd. has focused on the stable supply of high quality products with the concept of “from the place of production to the place of consumption”. In the current situation where people’s needs are becoming more diverse and diets are becoming richer and imbued with ever more originality, we have pursued our business placing priority on what is best for our customers and with the aim of delivering happiness.
We are proud to have earned a high reputation among our customers through these efforts and helped to support the development of the rich diet enjoyed by the people of today.

~ Aiming to be a company that is needed ~

We give careful consideration to the preservation of the global environment, maintain an awareness of the finiteness of energy resources and try to utilize them effectively in order to realize a sustainable society not just as a company that supplies products but as a good corporate citizen.
Moreover, we continually move toward the further development of a new age aiming to be “a company essential to everybody” at all times, while actively working on various forms of contribution to society.

Shunichi Hasunuma

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