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Since our foundation in 1950, Hanshin Teion has performed business activities with due consideration for what is best for the customer at all times and more than anything else we have always focused on happiness in delivering good quality products and the joy of creation.

We continue to value the trust we have gained most highly and hope to continue in our role as a good innovative corporate citizen essential to society.

(The following are the three management principles of Hanshin Teion.)

- Value trust highly and make a rich contribution to society.

- Realizing the happiness of employees and development of society
through faithful business activities.

- Acting based on innovative corporate culture.

Action policies

- We observe all laws and rules and act in a faithful manner.

- We always maintain a clear objective and act to realize our dreams.

- We work on social contribution activities enthusiastically as a
member of the local community.

- We aim to coexist with the global environment as we carry out
our various business activities.

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