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Hanshin Teion shares the great emotion felt by many of our customers and children who love sports and we would like to support them in their gencouragement and excitementh, so we have become one of the official sponsors of the Kamaishi Seawaves Rugby Football Club (formerly Nippon Steel Kamaishi Rugby).

The company rugby gEast 11h is in the league just below the gTop Leagueh, the best league in Japanese rugby. We support the dream of promotion into the Top League along with the children who are our hope for the future, with gGo for Top League!h as our slogan.

Hanshin Teion considers this effort to popularize the benefits of sport as a vital activity for us as a company that aims to propose a rich dietary life for children all over Japan, so we intend to keep working on this actively in the future, too.

We aim to be ga company essential to everybodyh at all times, and work enthusiastically on activities that contribute to society as a member of the local community.

Learning through work experience

Hanshin Teion offers a learning through work experience program gTrial Weekh targeting junior high school students in Hyogo prefecture and accepts internships targeting high school students in Iwate prefecture.

The gTrial Weekh in Hyogo prefecture is a gmind educationh program, under which the place of learning shifts from the class room to the work place in the local community and children learn about living together via various learning through work experience activities.

We would like to foster children through this kind of activity during this period when their rate of physical and mental development is at its peak.
Hanshin Teion aims to continue to support the essential experiences and precious memories of children for the future.

Acceptance of Chinese trainees

We have been accepting Chinese trainees from Laizhou city, Shandong, China for the past 13 years in order to support overseas human resources and improve their engineering skills. The total number of trainees we have accepted over the 13 years has now reached 111.

We started setting UNICEF collection boxes in the works and offices in 1993 and send the funds to the Committee for UNICEF together with the company collection fund.
We deeply empathize with UNICEFfs fundamental spirit, the principle of gChildren First!h and have consistently worked toward cooperation with them. This is not an activity that can be accomplished overnight, so we are aiming to provide long-term support.

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